Thursday, August 13, 2015

NAPA daycation w/ my butterflies

DAY[cation]; a day trip. My daycation... Napa, CA. 
My cool ass job - Madam Butterfly Boutique- decided 'hey, you guys work hard, we'll reward you with a day trip to Naaaaapaaaaaa!' MIND BLOWN. Jaw on the ground. Dignity nowhere to be found. 

Let me just say I've never been to Napa, my excitement was real. Any chance I got to let people know, I would. It's all I would talk about. Like I was seriously obsessed, border line annoying. 
Also, I didn't just get my cherry popped once, but twice. We arrived to Napa in a LIMO! People, I swear I haven't been living under a rock [well, maybe]. But limo opportunities barely arose and if they did I wasn't allowed. Reason I won't discuss. 

The day went like this: 
11am; game time [aka getting picked up by limo]
12:30ish; arrived in Napa, CA.
Lost track of time; first we picked up lite lunch from the oldest grocery store in Northern California! Oakville Grocery, it is adorable. 
-Then we headed to the first winery- Elizabeth Spencer. It was the cutest boutique-ish winery. The outside sitting area was beautiful, the hostess was delightful, anddddd the wine....gorgeous. I only bought one bottle on my trip [surprisingly] but it was the prettiest tasting thing ever. It's the '2013 Elizabeth Spencer Pinot Noir Rosé Sonoma Coast'. Perfect! 
-After Elizabeth Spencer we headed to Alpha Omega. That location really made me feel like I was in Napa. It's actually on a vineyard, huge and beautiful. 
-Ended our night with a perfect dinner at Bistro Don Giovanni. Amazing food!

The experience was wonderful. Napa truly is a Disneyland for adults.
 This experience that were worth the wait. I had the most amazing time with my butterflies.

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