Thursday, September 11, 2014

I C E pops

The other day I made my way over to World Market (favorite market) and I came across Zipzicle Ice- Pop Pouches. They immediately took me back to my childhood in the summer. When all I wanted was to eat Otter Pops, red and blue flavor...only! I thought it would be a fab idea to make grown-up pops. Pressed juice with fresh fruit and strawberry mimosa. So technically I guess kids can still have one of the flavors. 

They're actually so easy and fun to make. Perfect to make for parties or get togethers. 

You'll need:
Pressed juice (bought mine already made from Peel'd). Fresh fruit cut into tiny pieces.
I used: Guava, Peach, and berries. Side note: the guava and peaches are from my dad's garden. #proud #organic.

Adult Pops: Champagne, Orange juice, mushed strawberries (I just used a fork), additional fruit. 

Easy right?