Sunday, September 14, 2014


So while I am desperately waiting for Fall, I decided to create a look that brings me closer to the idea of Fall. Mind you it was 100 degrees and I'm in dark colors! I clearly lost my mind. I'm doing this you for FALL! So come now! 

Let's talk about New York Fashion Week, shall we? Yes. I was all about fashion week street style. I mean the endless amazingess snapped and put up on Pinterest was mouthwatering. I spent several days thinking "damn I wish I was in New York, at least sitting outside the shows to people watch".  In true inspiration, I kinda want to reedit my whole wardrobe. 

hat: unknown//shirt: Ann Taylor//jeans: H&M// sandals: Birkenstock


  1. isn't it amazing how chic bikenstocks are? i love it

    mon |

  2. I wish it was still 100 degrees by me! Its starting to get so cold already :(


  3. Cool hat. Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria :