Sunday, July 27, 2014

Spicy Cucumber Margarita

Maybe about a year ago I met up with a girlfriend over some drinks at a cute little mexican spot here in Sac. A coworker recommended I try the cucumber margarita. I'm a big cucumber fan so I was all about trying it. My first sip was magical. It taste like no other drink I have ever drank. It was refreshing, spicy, and I couldn't even taste the alcohol. Dangerous! 
About a week later I recreated the drink, it tasted almost the same. I was hesitant about sharing, but everyone deserves a good and super easy drink recipe. Plus it's an absolutely perfect drink for summer. 

You'll need: 
Margarita Mix
Tajin (mexican chili powder)

For the garnish: (optional)
Fresh chili pepper

Steps: (honestly I eyeball)  
First thing first, I like to leave pieces of cucumber marinating in margarita mix for about 30 minutes before use. Rim your glass with lime and Tajin. Add ice and cucumber pieces into your glass. Pour in marg mix, shot(s), sprinkle with tajin, garnish, annnnnd ENJOY! 

PS I had good intentions to share this post before the weekend, but I was really busy planning a rafting trip, amongst other things. However, a good drink recipe is good any day of the week. Right?

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  1. yum! i have to try this!