Friday, May 16, 2014

skinny mixer

Completely random. Yes. But I have been thinking and really doing some more thinking and realized, I want to incorporate things that I enjoy/love to my blog. You know, to make it more... ME. While it may come to a surprise to mostly all of you, I really enjoy cooking. You can call me the mini Marcela Valladolid (the host of Mexican Made Easy, on Food Network). I'm sure you can guess why.

As of recently I have been on this tequila kick.  I heard its less calories than wine! Of course that's only true if done the right way. Right? So I have researched tons of low calorie or super skinny tequila mixer recipes and enjoy this one. I've alternated it a bit and honestly I eye balled the ingredients, so pour, stir, combine as you please. 

-Sparkling Water (or tonic water)
-Lime and/or Lemon
*Jalapeños (optional)

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  1. Ok this seriously looks delicious. I will definitely try it out!! My boyfriend is half Mexican so I'm sure he'll love it too :)