Monday, May 5, 2014


The right thing to do in this outfit situation was to wear my black wedged mules. Instead I did exactly what I wanted to do...wear my Birkenstocks. Now I know this may make people feel a little uncomfortable, regarding Birkenstocks being worn outside their nature, but I feel that wearing them with short (printed) suits is perfectly normal. In fact, cool. 

Aside the fact that Birkenstocks are totally cool and having a MAJOR moment, they are comfortable (once the foot bed is molded into your foot shape). My dad for one swears he's cool because he had them before I was born. Now that his cool-trendy-hip-awesome-favorite daughter is wearing them too, he might start his own blog.  Joking. Again, the fact that they're comfy makes it way too easy for me to wear them- all the time. I might be showing favoritism.

suit: ASOS// blouse: H&M// sandals: Birkenstock// bag: Rebecca Minkoff// watch: Nixon (stolen from my little cousin)

BTW please excuse my hair. I was having a real bad air day. 

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  1. I love this look! So stylish and yet so relaxed :)