Tuesday, April 2, 2013

unintentional yet intentional

jacket: F21// shirt: Old Navy// jeans: ZARA// boots: TOPSHOP// bag: Vintage Gucci

Now I know it has been a long time since I've showed my blog some love and I have a million-bajillion reasons why. However, none are excusable EXCEPT for I have no photographer!!
 I legitimately have to ask random people to take my photos or make friends with people that I know have time to take pictures.  Please bare with me.

About a week ago (while working) I encountered this really awesome wall covered in graffiti. This screams streetsyle fashion, at least to me. It's that unintentional yet intentional cool detail.
So I knew I had to get pictures- even if it was one! I asked one of the hairstylists on the shoot to take some for me. Lucky she was a sweetheart. Thanks Alicia!

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