Thursday, March 14, 2013

Decor Inspiration

Ubber cool pad belonging to fashion blogger and interior designer: Song of Style.
I love the gold tear drop floor lamp. Her pad also has the perfect touches of color.

Really into the animal rug. It adds a cool modern/urban vibe. Also all the fresh flowers are right up my alley. 

This extra chic pad belongs to fashion blogger/ stylist: The Glamourai. The colors are P E R F E C T!
I absolutely love all the gold in her apartment.

This is just such a cool detail to any place. It kinda looks like an alter. 

Again the perfect color pallet and not to mention the animal rug! Two of my faves in one.

I'm into the idea of having a chalkboard in my apartment. BUT this fashion blogger: Cheetah is the new black, took it to another level.
If I had a fake chimney I would totally copy!

Ok ok I know- this post is completely random. BUT I'd figure since this is my personal blog I want to include things that I am currently into. Right now I'm really into interior decor. Maybe because I recently got my own little apartment and all I want to do is decorate! I have a certain color pallet that I am following: black, white, gold, silver, cream/ivory and a pop of color here and there. 
 A few of the photos are of some bloggers homes. Their decor is very and freakishly close to what I  am going for. 

To come up are some decor ideas for the kitchen/dining room, bedroom, and bathroom.
Maybe I'll even put up photos of my place once I feel its ready for camera.  

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