Saturday, January 5, 2013

Strutting in my cap and gown

Whooooa!!!! Finally after 5 years of stress, anguish, thoughts of quitting, hair pulling, I mean everything- I'M DONE! Official graduate from California State University of Sacramento. I received a Bachelors in Communications Studies emphasis in Organizational Communications. Also a minor in Business. I would like to stress all details, after-all I am entitled to bragging rights.

The feeling is surreal, I always dreamt of what it would feel like and have the day finally come was incredible also eye-opening! I say this because it felt like SH*T got real! I would no longer need a school bag. And for some weird reason I feel like I am an official adult now. 

On another note, please excuse my hair. I guess people with short do's are not suppose to wear caps? Or maybe just people with short do's AND curly hair? Either way I had to wear it. So I was strutting around town in my cap and gown. 

 A wise man once told me: "Even if you graduated you always continue learning!"
-Nicholas Trujillo (R.I.P)

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