Monday, January 7, 2013


cardi: H & M// top: F21// jeans: GAP// boots: Sam Edelman// necklace: Madam Butterfly (Local Boutique in Sacramento)

I've probably said this one million-billion times, I enjoy mix-matching prints. It is my favorite trend ever! The most genius alternative to plain'ol color mix-match. Don't get me wrong color mixing is still cool (I do it everyday). But prints have a pizazz! 
 If you are not comfortable with prints, just try mixing your printed pj's when going to bed. We are all guilty of it anyway right? At least this time it would be more thoughtful and a tad bit more intentional. 
 The only witnesses would be the people you live with. If your feeling more daring, try different prints to the grocery store. No one usually cares there, unless your man hunting or woman hunting- which that will be a completely different outfit.  
Wherever you decide to experiment, my tip would be (if your a beginner- obviously) STAY IN THE SAME COLOR FAMILY! 

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