Tuesday, September 11, 2012

long time coming

top: LF// shorts: random boutique on Melrose// booties: Zara (borrowed from my sister)// bracelets: j.crew & juicy couture

The story behind my hair... 
It started in my second year of college when one of my roommates got a hair cut. She went super short- shorter than an A-line/bob (I don't know the difference). Almost every time I would see her getting ready I continuously told her to cut a mohawk- never worked. Then Rihanna got it- my heart melted. Even though I LOVED the look I was convinced it was not for me. 
THEN years laters, I moved to LA for a summer and crossed paths with a girl that had the most mind blowing fohawk I had ever seen! It was then that I decided to do it. What made it even more official was when my boyfriend said "your not getting any younger." I booked my appointment that very day. 
And POW into a fohawk it went! 
Anyway long story but I'll try to get better pictures of my hair. I cut it again and this time its more defined. There I go babbling again! I'll stop.


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