Monday, March 2, 2015

structured and grey

If there is one thing I will (from now on) suggest to someone who asks for fashion advice- well, even if they don't- is to own a cotton/polyester blazer! I, myself just realized I own three in grey, obviously different shades. I recommend looking for one that is structured and heather grey. Blazers are already a cool piece. They take an outfit 0 to 100 real quick (hmm I love Drake). Now even if you have a casual outfit or your work doesn't require you to get super dressed just adding a more relaxed blazer takes you places your coworkers have never been. They'll ask "from where?" trust me. That is when you grin with a feeling of awesomeness. Your response will be either "It was a gift" because you want to be the only cool dressed or "______ store" your a softie. My response depends on my mood and most importantly the person. 

blazer: F21// top: Madewell// jeans: Citizens of Humanity// flats: ZARA// scarf: H&M


  1. Love it! Loving the scarf too! So cool!


  2. Loooove your look here!