Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aggressively worn

Let me tell you a little story about this denim blue leather vest. So I was at Nordstrom Rack cursing through the clearance section. I saw this leather vest, picked it up but didn't think much of it (I'm not into vest but I really liked the length). I gave it a chance. Threw it in the basket. After all I wanted it to prove to me that vest can trusted.  Long story. 
As I was in the fitting room, I noticed a real cool pink/blue metallic lining in the inside of the vest. I was like WHOA! Stepped back, observed the actual vest as a whole- smelled like scrumptious leather, felt incredibly soft (baby-ass soft), and realized the price point originally $645 marked down to $39.90!!!! I was like "GINNNNNNNAAAAA"!!! Didn't even finish trying on the rest of my stuff. Practically ran to the register to pay. Maybe I was scared it wasn't real. It was! I won! You guys, I had the biggest grin on my face, I probably scared the cashier. I'm pretty positive standing in her shoes I looked extra creepy. But It was an incredible feeling. Have you ever felt that?

I must say, since then, the amount of times I have been wearing this vest is a little aggressive. I'm secretly hoping someone compliments me or gives me a comment so I can share my story. 

vest: Truth and Pride (via Nordstrom Rack)// shirt: Urban Outfitters// jeans: MOTHER// flats: DVF// bag: Alexander Wang


  1. Love the vest! And LOVE the mother jeans we carry those at anthro they're the best!

  2. Great look. Really casual but still special. xoxo Vanessa