Tuesday, December 2, 2014

a gift guide for two

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Nowadays when my family asks what I want for christmas it's no longer singular. It's more like "what should I get you and Juan?" Like if I don't want a Celine bag or a butter soft leather jacket. In which it would obviously only benefit me.
Maybe you've been hit with the same question. If so, how do you deal? Or maybe you have a couple on your christmas list. I have gathered a list of things that could help you kill two birds with one stone.
My boo and I typically have different taste but we almost always agree on drinks! Coffee and a good cocktail, especially whiskey.
Coffee in the morns, while we snuggle. Drinks in the afternoon enjoying some beats while I watch him cook.

  1. Starbucks french press 
  2. J.Crew blanket
  3. Nespresso espresso machine 
  4. Woodford Reserve
  5. Tovolo Ice Molds 
  6. Cocktail Shaker

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