Monday, November 3, 2014


Mother nature, like the majority of women, is confused about what exactly is it that she wants. She changes her mind about being hot or cold every 30 minutes. This makes it hard for me to dress appropriately.  Or just when you think it's sweater weather, sun beams at 85+ degrees, which equals intense perspiration. I'm a sweater, that's why I say that. 

What I love about this look is that I'm literally saying to mother nature "screw you! I'm ready!". Joking, I love her. We vibe, we're women. But I was ready, I like to think I out smarter her. Knowing the day would not get any cooler than 75 degrees, I wore a turtleneck with shorts and my favorite chelsea booties. 

sweater: thrifted// t-shirt: Obey// shorts: One Teaspoon// booties: GAP

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