Tuesday, November 18, 2014

holiday makeup inspo

As the Holidays are quickly approaching I cant help but think of my outfit. What I am going to wear? How will I do my makeup? Do I want sparkle? Maybe I want casual, so I can eat lots? The thought process and  process of elimination that goes into Holiday outfits. Unreal (insert huge sigh). This holiday season I want to do something that's unexpected from me. So scratch the sparkle.  I am leaning more towards neutral, casual, elegant, soft. 
The second thought I had after knowing I wanted to do something unexpected for the holidays, was MAKEUP. I want to do something really soft, neutral, elegant. Minimal makeup. Either a cool eyeliner or mascara with medium bold lip. Simple. No fuss, but still look put together and well seasoned (pun intended). 

Do you put this much thought into your Holiday outfits/makeup? If, so share your thoughts!

*All photos retrieved from Pinterest*


  1. I really like the first look. It's not very colourful or strong, but it still stands out, it has amazing highlighting. I think I just got my inspo for holiday makeup:)

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