Sunday, October 19, 2014


You know, I'm not one to brag. But every now and then, especially when confidence needs a little boosting, I brag. Maybe, you already know where I'm getting. If you don't... I'm talking about having tiny boobs. 

Growing up, I was hopeful I would eventually get some goods. Religiously prayed for a chance to develop my lady lumps in all the right places. I'm telling you, I waited to years, even after puberty. 
 Once I was in college I came to an understanding that some things are just not going to happen (at least naturally). It was hard to accept. Especially when your little sister is getting that 'Coke' or 'Kim K' body that you desperately wanted.  I often ask her "how does it feel to have big boobs?" I live bi-curiously through her.  

Anyway about my bragging. Since my boobs are small, I really don't have to worry about looking too hoochie when in reality I'm trying to be Jenna Lyons. Because as you know wearing button-ups almost unbuttoned is totally IN right now. Which is why having small boobs is a benefit. So, braggggg. 

The outfit? I'm wearing this to meet girlfriends or boo for drinks. Perhaps a party, small shindig (no pun intended). I wrapped a jean jacket around my waist just in case it gets chilly and I want to tone down all that seduction, low plunge/skin tight skirt. 

shirt: GAP// skirt: Nordstrom// jacket: F21// sandals: Zara


  1. cute shoes!

    xx Angie |

  2. Love you Jac!!! So hot!

  3. Great pics! I'm dying over these shoes.