Friday, June 6, 2014


Almost all white. Just perfect for a cool-no-fuss kinda day. To be honest whenever I wear a (slightly) monochromatic look I feel the coolest. And there isn't really any fuss because I just pick the same colors for top and bottom. That is my personal styling tip, just in case you were like "HOW does she do it?" 

Lately I've been really diggin' these cool slip-ons: Jasmine. They are just so comfortable and because of the neutral color I wear them with almost anything. How perfect do they go with an all white? Seriously? Leave your response in the comment section, yeah? 

v-neck: GAP// jeans: GAP// shirt (wrapped around waist): Old Navy// shoes: c/o Bear Paw// bag: Alexander Wang


  1. Hopping over here from Lipstick Giraffe! Yep I agree, you look chic and cool with your all-white ensemble. Love all the accessories too esp your bowtie necklace, how awesome is that?

    - Karen

  2. Love the addition of the jean color!

    Olivia Abdelmalek