Saturday, June 8, 2013


jumpsuit: F21(old..very old)// sandals: Zara// clutch: Dillards// sunnies: Ray Ban (sister's)

Denim, what would this crazy world be without you? Really.
All the beautiful things you create with your fabric is irreplaceable. 
I am a huge fanatic of anything you do. 
But denim jumpsuits are at the top of my list.
 I had my eye on this jumpsuit for like eveeeer and thought it was everything and without it I was nothing! I went into Forev's one day eager to buy it and it was on the sale rack!!
Not only did I scream and slap my leg senseless but was a mad woman on a quest to make sure it was not placed in the wrong place at the right time! The sales person confirmed it was on sale for $10!!!!!!!!!! Do you understand my excitement? The thought just gets me jumping- still! 

My poochi... don't we look like we're meant for each other??? 

Random Fact:  I'm not huge on high heels! (insert weird face expression--> here). It's just not practical for me. 


  1. I've have not worn head to toe denim but really want to try something like this. Daring/cute look.


  2. oh my GOD $10!?!?!?

    That must make you feel so fantastic. i love how you've styled this with the classy leather clutch. it's really such a good way to class it up.

    This jumpsuit will be so much fun to style b/c it's such a strong statement piece, that putting anything feminine or shiny with it will make for an instantly cool contrast

    You look like a badass 80s chick. love.


  3. Love your clutch. Such a unique color and I love how you styled it.
    I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post.

  4. That jumpsuit is awesome! Lovely posts

  5. you look great in this jumpsuit!!! oh and the doggy is soooo cute

    I am following you blog now, Please check my blog and maybe follow me back



  6. Hell yeah to those shoes!

    xo from NY

  7. Cute sandals, clutch and dog!

  8. that jumpsuit looks great! not sure i could pull of something like that but i love it on you!

  9. I am seriously so glad the canadian tux is back in style because denim on denim (or in this case from head to toe) is really fabulous when done right.