Monday, March 4, 2013

Prep Phase

Sacramento, CA doing Fashion Week. 

Prepping models for the Afternoon Fashion Segment at NEWS 10 (ABC).

Models wearing Karisa Gold (evening dresses) and Felix Rodionov (leather jackets)

Designer Karisa Gold with model. Karisa was beyond sweet.
Can't wait to see her line in NY fashion week.

From left to right: Designer: Karisa Gold, model: Ashely, Event Host: Maria Luna, Model: Anita

Swag bags for VIP ticket holders. 
I guess I should start by saying what the hell this post is about- right?
Wellllll it's about Sacramento Fashion Week! 
AND yours truly was part of the team who made it happen.
Although I am not a Sacramento native, I have soooo much love for this city.
 So it makes me happy to see how much fashion is evolving in this community. 
I believe fashion is very important, not only for those involved in fashion BUT also for the community.
 This event is definitely bringing people together to celebrate fashion and the creative minds.
I could preach on and on about how important and proud I am about fashion in Sacramento.

Now the prep phase.
 I prepped the models for NEWS 10 afternoon segment.
AND before every show we had to prepare over 100 swag bags- gahhh 
they were the death of me.

Stay tuned for actual runway pictures soon!!!

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