Tuesday, January 15, 2013


sweater: Thrifted// under shirt: Obey// leggings: Heart Boutique (Sac local)// shoes: Steve Madden// bag: F21

My shoes, oh god, my shoes. 
They are just the perfect wedge sneaker. 
After I saw the Isabel Marant's I couldn't stop dreaming about sneaker wedges.
Then I found these Steve Madden's called 'Jeckle' (more in my budget). 
I said to myself "Jac you deserve these, buy them" and I did. 
Wedge sneakers are so much fun and for those of you who don't like regular old sneaks, try them. Great alternative. 

A different location can really change the whole ambiance of a post. 
I definitely felt cooler and my outfit looked better- I'm just saying.

I am thinking of putting together a list of gift ideas for gals & fellas for Valentines day.
Leave a comment letting me know what you would like your significant other to give you!

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